Main Information

Main Information
Saturday 30th July - Ceremony, aperitif, BBQ and party
Sunday 31st July- Brunch 

La Rouvraie, 2022 Bellevue-sur-Bevaix

Dress Up or Dress Down
We want you to feel relaxed and comfortable, so there is no dress code. That being said... divas, do you!!! Just remember that we will be outside on gravel so 6 inch heels might end in've been warned ;)

Family Friendly
Your little ones are absolutely welcome to celebrate with us, and there is plenty of space for them to play and explore, so they should enjoy themselves just as much as the adults! We just ask for you to keep tabs on them during the ceremony.

On-site options
We chose this venue because there is basic, camp-style accommodation on site, so any guests who find it easier to stay on site will be able to have a single bed in a private room (sorry, no doubles available), or a bunk bed in one of the dorm rooms. We have reserved all of the rooms and the first floor of the dormitory building.

If you have previously indicated that you'd like to stay on site but would prefer to get a hotel instead, please remove your name from the spreadsheet so somebody else can have it.  Edit freely but don't remove anybody else's name, please.

Photos of rooms (single beds only): guest rooms
Photos of dorms (bunk beds): dorms

Link to our reservation sheet for on-site beds: Reserve bed

Off-site options
Some of you may prefer to stay in a 'real' hotel or rent an apartment, especially those after double beds. For this reason, we have organized a shuttle bus to take you back to your hotel (within a reasonable radius of the venue- up to Neuchâtel) several times throughout the night. Times of these busses will follow.

A few options are listed on the 'Accommodation' page, here, to start you off on your research: /off-site-accommodation/

If you need help reserving your accommodation because English/ Italian isn't spoken at the hotel you'd like to book, we'd be happy to help.

RSVP by August 2021
We understand that it's difficult to project yourselves (more than) one year ahead, esp. with the covid situation, but we still need to make arrangements and budget for our day. Tell us if you intend to join us and be sure to mention dietary requirements for the dinner and aperitif.

We can't wait to see you!!!

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